bananafish42 (bananafish42) wrote in common_nonsense,

Hello...This is my most recent poem.

I'd love some feedback. <3


::The Opposite of Bullshit::

This is the fine print.
A wink. A stutter. A lie.
Your grip around my mind,
I taste. I smile. I pry.

Slip me a sample of your passion,
Relieve my ticklish reaction.
I'm a little zealous,
Stirred with curiosity.
You're a staggering quote,
Coated with irony.

A downpour of dialogue,
Touch-and-go for my wonder,
The opposite of bullshit
Responds with blissful thunder.

Intoxicate my eye,
Glaze my throat with grace.
Expose an instinct to cry,
Time is ours to waste.

I'm tipsy, I topple, I simmer away.
Reaction, satisfaction, every day.

Imitate this thunder.
Your mind will confuse itself.
Fall in love with my lips,
My words,
And nothing else.
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