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Blood-stained hurricane

New hier and just getting back into writing. Comment please, I'd appreciate it.

[Streetlights' heartbeats palpatate with the inevitable disease of aging
[Dying grass claws its way from hell through fractures in the broken bodies of sidewalk
[Grey velvet sky dropping acid
[The wind screams for us to halt but her begging waves break on the shore of merciless skyscrapers
[Killers sit propped and grinning like madmen in the windows of a pawn shop; the neon sign reads, Guns
[Whores and junkies know these streets; this is the hole they call home
[Syringes in the storm drains; remains of last year's soggy newspaper plastered face-down in the street
[Forgotten headlines read, Disaster
[Cigarette butts, ashes and cremated corpses float in stagnating drinks, waiting to be sipped
[A doll with purple locks and ghostly skin weeps and shivers in the parkinglot of the abandoned stripclub
[Graffiti and gang signs tattoo and pierce the flesh of the city; a story of our history
[The rancid smell of exhaust and two dead cats rotting in eachother's arms is thicker than swamp fog
[Addictions and misfortunes nail the people down; No one is stopping them but they can't leave this town
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