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Fly Trapper

(this one's a fun one, I think:)

she had poison teeth and violent tongue
oh, where was that infatuation from?
she had spider web hair, all spun and strung
Then painted black and horridly hung
She would weep and moan and lie on her floor
She would beat, scratch, and patter her door
She would call me and stall and she would lie
That she never did cease her thoughts of dyin'
"She wells for eyes," I once did write
But sometimes I felt like those wells went dry
She had nothing inside 'em but sweets and sprites
and she would ring them in black on Friday nights

and she was scattered all over my floor
there were penmarks on papers from corner to door
Her name had glowed beside my bed
but the light ran out, so I smashed her effigy

She had soft good looks and stones in her head
then she told me she wished she was red
and she'd thought and rot and plot for death
except she really only wanted to get her fingers wet
she was blank and sometimes idiot wind
She was milky and brilliant or incredibly dim
she was paradox and pushing posies aside
she's a place I pray I've left behind

she was scattered all over my floor
yeah, penmarks on papers from corner to door
she was thin and grinned, so I deplored
all her pale portrayal as I asked for more
the resentment was burning and mucose
But her saliva was sweet like natural glucose
so her name glowed next to my bed
but there was never much light, so I smashed her effigy

Well, I made her image out of someone else's
I had smashed just the day before
and my friends, she dated and I still felt the same
In a glass case she waited, and I still felt the same
and when my feelings changed, she still remained
she was a ghost inside and somewhat blamed
I can remember the beautiful dross she was to me
But if you stay too long inside my memory . . .

she was a spider, malformed to fly
she may eaten by Malachi
Or trapped in the window, trapped there to die
buzzing and fuzzing and fading inside
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